The fall migration of waterfowl through Wisconsin is a beautiful site to behold. From the birds rafting up on the rivers to that flock of mallards setting down in your decoys. RIVERHUNT Guide Service works hard every day finding locations to put you where the birds want to be. Let RIVERHUNT Guide Service book your next Waterfowl Hunt.


RIVERHUNT Guide Service is now booking reservations for the Wisconsin 2015 Waterfowl season. Book early to make sure you get the days you want for your waterfowl hunt.


  • RIVERHUNT Guide Service offers full day guided duck and goose hunts.
  • "Full Day" is considered early morning meeting time to 1:00 pm on the date booked.
  • "Full Day" hunts are over at 1:00 pm on the booked date, or at the time when all hunters fill their daily limit, which ever comes first.
  • All guided hunts are for the Wisconsin Waterfowl Season in a location determined by the guide.
  • Guided goose hunts are available for the early September goose season, Horicon Zone goose season, and Exterior Zone goose season.
  • The Hunter/s must have a valid Wisconsin Small Game License, a Wisconsin State Waterfowl stamp, a Federal Waterfowl stamp, be "HIP" certified, and follow all rules and regulations set for hunting waterfowl in the State of Wisconsin. For goose hunting in addition to the above requirements, all hunter/s must have a valid Early September Goose permit or a valid Exterior Zone Goose permit or a valid Horicon Zone Goose permit.
  • Full Day guided hunt price is $150.00 per hunter. Single hunters are welcome and may be paired with other single hunters for that day.
  • RIVERHUNT Guide Service can accommodate up to 3 hunters per day.
  • A 50% deposit is required to reserve a date.
  • Deposits will be returned in full for cancellations made prior to 14 days before the reserved date.

To find out how to book a hunt with RIVERHUNT Guide Service or to find out how to get more information click on the CONTACT link at the bottom of this page.

To find out information on Wisconsin Licenses and Regulations click on the HOME link at the bottom of this page and then click on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources link on the home page.